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The Akashic Records Secrets You Need to Know

Akashic Records

Or ‘the book of life’ originates from a Sanskrit word ‘akasha’ or ether – a primary substance or material -- that is all around us. The Akashic Records comprises of every possible strand of information or wisdom that is connected with every soul and its light. For a long time, this exclusive knowledge sphere was only accessible to special individuals such as seers, religious saints and other evolved souls.

Reiki Masters have the ability to perform an Akashic Records Reading and glean key information about an individual’s life path. Access to these records is now possible as humans enter into an age of spiritual awareness and an understanding of the deeper conscious.

The Akashic Book, Tarot and subsequent Readings are all developed by individuals who have been on their own profound and unique journeys. It is important to know that no individual has created or developed the records and its subsequent tools and channels for healing, unlike the Reiki system which was introduced directly by Dr Mikau Usui himself, as The Akashic Records is an ancient, timeless and unique element to our shared existence. It is available to anyone who has accessed their multi- dimensional selves and further began to truly integrate the spiritual tools and channels available in this life. There is nothing superficial about this system and although others can be guides or helpers it is a very personal experience.

Locating and accessing Akashic Records

In Akasha, the Akashic Library is where all records are to be found, and it is believed that guardians of light are protectors of this sacred information above the astral plane. Typically, when embarking on exploring the records, there are many simple techniques that are used such as an Akashic Prayer, deep breathing and prolonged meditation. The objective is to enhance one’s vibrational energy. This process of relaxation and immersing oneself into the spirit world allows for Reiki Attunement to take place. Attunement results in a clear pathway for messages to be received from higher planes and can often be achieved through an Akashic Healer. This is someone who like a Reiki Master Healer has mastered the practice themselves.

But to access them you do not just need to be connected to a practitioner or healer. The timelessness and holographic, multi- dimensional nature of the Akashic Library and realms of existence are something to not be overlooked. Those who can tune in to the Akashic planes of existence have re- aligned and harmonized their mind, subtle energy body, auric field and overall vibration. They have self- evolved through profound and deep levels of healing and consciousness expansion, opening themselves up to new ways and realities of existing. Meditation, sound healing/ therapy, third eye enhancement exercises, reiki, energy healing and dream or shamanic work all greatly help with one's ability to access the records or library.

Akashic Records Readings

When one is in search of answers, a reiki practitioner can help with valuable insights on the past, present or the future via information accessed within the records. Whether it is for closure regarding a painful event in your past, or strength in the face of future challenges, the reiki energy allows for a long lasting healing to take place in connection with the pure soul. Many reiki masters use 62 cards to tap into the profound energy and unlimited resource of this library. Others choose Akashic Records Meditation, which lets the sub-conscious drift to the collective consciousness organically, and find the soul’s purpose. Delving into such powerful knowledge usually highlights specific life circumstances. If there are lapses or disturbances in a person’s time patterns, this can be corrected with a sacred akashic record prayer.

An important point is that the conscious mind cannot always accurately make a reading if the process is rushed. So, if you see yourself winning a Nobel Peace Prize or winning a lottery, don’t jump to a conclusion that it is bound to happen. Sometimes, memories from other lives or future lives can blend together in the subconscious when observing the records. It is often advised that you write down every little detail from your journey. Whether you saw specific symbols or heard noises, notes will help you piece together the entire information in a neutral manner.

Although every human being can access the them and connect for healing, wisdom, insight and guidance, there are some things which can assist in the process. Remember that it is natural and connected to through the ether, or subtle planes of existence. Holistically speaking, when you raise your inner vibration and open your mind to the limitless and infinite possibilities of the universe; you are better able to utilize the Akasha for your (or another's) benefit.

Dreaming and the Dreamworlds: A Powerful Route

One of the most profound ways in addition to healing or a life path reading is to access the records in dreams. Dreams are gateways to the soul and a direct link to the subconscious. It is in dreams where our mind can wonder through the infinite realms and dimensions of existence and further connect to both our higher selves- the higher mind, and angelic or light realms. These are the spaces where higher dimensional beings exist to be of assistance, either through their love, wisdom, insight, direct guidance, or simple presence alone.

Many people who have begun to meditate, practice reiki, transition to a purer and higher vibrational diet, and engage in spiritual and healing practices on a daily basis; have all reported being able to access the Akashic Library in dreams. Before sleep, you can set your intentions and do a short meditation to connect to your higher self and higher mind. A cleanse, detox or fast really helps the process, as does using crystals to connect to the subtle planes of mind and awareness. Certain special sound frequencies can be used and listened to for an amplifying effect.

The best way to see the Akashic Library is like a holographic chamber which is always there and exists beyond, and within, time and space. One the mind, body, spirit and soul are ready and attuned, gaining access can be easy. View yourself as a channel or a conduit waiting to be filled.

Which frequencies and realities are you wanting to fill yourself with?

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