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Chujiro Hayashi - The Reiki Right Hand Man

Who Is Chujiro Hayashi?

Chujiro Hayashi contributed a great deal to Reiki all throughout the world. His story is unique and interesting, and any devout Reiki practitioner may do well to learn about who this influential man was and how he contributed to Reiki practice.

Chujiro Hayashi’s Story

Dr. Chujiro Hayashi worked as a medical officer in the Japanese Navy, but it wasn’t until after he retired that he was introduced to Reiki. That such a practical man with a pragmatic and surgical approach to healing would give credence to Reiki speaks volumes about its power.

That said, however, Hayashi’s practical attitude followed through into his Reiki practice, and led to the development of some of the hand positions and techniques that he developed.

Hayashi became associated with Dr. Usui after his retirement, and began to work closely with him at his clinic. He was initiated up to 2nd level Reiki here.

He found that Usui’s methods, while undoubtedly effective, were more spiritual in nature. Hayashi preferred to use a more practical method, so he began to develop a number of hand positions and postures that could be utilized for helping to treat different parts of the body and different ailments.

His first few hand positions - between 7 and 8 in number - primarily focused on the upper body, and were based on traditional Eastern medicinal practices. This differed from his master Usui’s methods - Usui prefered to treat problems anywhere in the body by focusing on the head.

After working with Usui, he left the school and began his own clinic, which was known as Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu-kai. There were 8 beds here, and a total of 16 healers who worked in pairs to deliver a dual treatment.

Around this time, Hayashi encountered a Hawaiian lady by the name of Hawayo Takata. She was struggling with a number of different ailments, and wanted to see how Reiki could help. Hayashi’s reiki proved so effective that the woman was inspired to become a Reiki practitioner herself.

This woman was responsible for helping to bring Reiki to a large part of North America, thanks to the aid of her master. Hayashi actually traveled to Hawaii and spent some time here in the mid-1930s, avoiding the inevitable call to war that he believed would be issued. He did not want his healing skills to be utilized on the battlefront anymore.

After initiating Takata as a master, he returned to Japan, feeling that it was time to settle his dues with his earthly life. He compiled a 40-page manual on how to use these hand positions for different ailments and conditions, helped his family get things together, and then ended his life by committing Seppuku on the 10th of May, 1940.


Chujiro Hayashi was an influential figure in Reiki, developing many of the hand positions that are now commonly used throughout the world. His practical approach to Reiki has allowed for the development of a less spirit-based, but equally effective healing modality.

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