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Crown Chakra - Your Complete Guide

What is the Crown Chakra?

The Crown chakra is your 7th major chakra located just on the top of the head. It is also known as Sahasrara and is your connection to your spiritual or divine consciousness. The divine is the aspect of life, self and being that is infinite, multi- dimensional, and transcendental; it extends beyond the “I” and ego reality. In Sanskrit, Sahasrara means “thousand- petaled lotus” and is essentially self- realization. Enlightenment- seeing the light, unity consciousness, higher wisdom, and a connection to spirit all define and represent what can be achieved with an open crown chakra.

If the crown chakra is blocked or weak, i.e. there is not sufficient energy; you may experience spiritual disconnection, fear, mental health issues (minor or major), nervous tension, apathy, excessive materialism, memory and/or learning problems, and irrationality and confusion. Fortunately, these can all be overcome with healing to the crown chakra. Unlike most of the other chakras who have a subtle cord and significant link to one other chakra, the crown chakra (like the root/ base) is connected to one other chakra and the body’s kundalini. In Root/ Muladhara Chakra and Reiki we briefly went into this.

So, both the throat chakra (the energy centre two chakras below) and the holistic, serpent- like kundalini energy can be positively influenced through a healthy and open crown. Simultaneously, working on these two aspects of self will help to heal and release blocks from your crown chakra.

Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra and Reiki

The crown chakra is very significant in reiki as it is the crown which connects you to the divine, and to spirit. Reiki healing to the crown sends ripples of healing light energy and life force down, travelling through all other chakras. Physically, the organ or more specifically gland the crown relates to is the pineal gland- the gland responsible for insight, intuitive and psychic abilities, higher or spiritual perception, unity awareness and “vision.” With the element of the crown chakra being spirit, reiki healing here will generally amplify the effects of reiki as a pathway to spiritual illumination.

During a Reiki Attunement the receiver’s crown chakra is opened and activated, in addition to the heart, third eye and palm chakras. Learning about what happens in a Reiki Attunement will help you to understand the function of the crown more (as will the Crown Chakra Personality below).

If you choose to work on the crown chakra yourself with self- healing and reiki, you can meditate on the color indigo and incorporate this color into your life, meditation room or sacred space/ shrine. Many Reiki Masters and practitioners use purples and shades of indigo in their treatment and healing spaces! The other colors? Light, white light and gold.

“The Crown Chakra Personality”

So, to understand the crown chakra in its entirety or to simply see if you resonate with this chakra type, the crown chakra personality can be defined by being spiritual aware, intuitive, insightful and perceptive. You have a unique way of looking at the world and may naturally be psychic, a visionary or creatively and imaginatively gifted. “Creative genius” comes to mind!

You are also a natural healer and energy worker, frequently tuning in to some unseen archetype for healing self or others, or for advanced artistic self- expression. Many poets, philosophers, artists, spiritual teachers, clairvoyants, tarot readers and shamans have an open crown chakra. Further, another thing which is connected to the crown is sexuality and sensuality and this is due to the intrinsic link to the root chakra (base/ foundation/ security/ grounding) and kundalini energy. Your kundalini is your life force, the raw creative potential for limitless abundance and infinite wisdom. You possess all of these things...

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