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Heart Chakra - Your Complete Guide

What is the Heart Chakra?

Your heart chakra is your fourth and central energy wheel or portal. It connects your lower self and higher self and can be seen as a bridge between the lower mind and higher mind, or “lower consciousness” and “higher consciousness.” The related color is green and a strong and balanced heart chakra relates to the qualities of empathy, love, joy, inner peace, compassion, health and happiness, and luck. It is also closely associated with loving bonds such as friendship and family bonds, and the connection you have with lovers and romantic- sexual partners.

Your heart chakra is seen as one of the most important chakras and this is because it links the higher with the lower (self/ mind/ consciousness). Those with a strong and open heart chakra feel connected to others, the world around and the natural world, such as the plant and animal queen & kingdoms. The main theme and quality associated with the heart is empathy, the quality of being empathic. This means that you can feel what it is like to be in another’s shoes (or paws!)- you are deeply connected to your feelings, further functioning on a higher emotional frequency than many others. As you will see below, reiki can help to strengthen this quality profoundly.

Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra and Reiki

Reiki works to relieve tension and distortion and releases blockages in your subtle energy body and field. Anything to do with empathy, compassion and care for Mother Earth, other humans, animals and plant- life, the greenery of this world, can be enhanced and strengthened with reiki healing. But there is also a spiritual aspect to the heart chakra, and this is because the heart connects lower self with higher self. Empathy and compassion naturally involves spiritual awareness and evolution or expansion of consciousness, and this is what reiki does; it helps to expand your consciousness and spiritual awareness. Essentially, reiki energy is perfect for releasing blocks in opening your heart.

Opening your heart to love, platonic intimacy, friendship, romance or sexual relationships are all included here.

The power of the heart chakra is so significant, in fact, that your other chakras will naturally become sparked, activated and healed with a freer flow of energy pulsing through them, just by the healing energy sent to the heart. The vibrations of loveripple through your body and subtle energy body affecting all of your chakras. In this respect, reiki for your heart chakra can help you realize the idea and concept of unconditional love and universal abundance and acceptance. The heart chakra also brings the energy of joy and abundance!

“Heart Chakra Personality”

If you resonate with the heart chakra, you are warm- hearted, affectionate and caring. You place high importance and value on friendships, family bonds and romantic or simply emotional connections, and you love to let your loving side shine. You are a peace- maker and dislike disharmony, and you may also possess natural meditating and diplomacy skills roles. You have deep sympathy for the natural world and the creatures in it. You are also highly empathic.

Finally, you are balanced in life and are connected to your emotionally vulnerable, raw and primal, instinctual and sensual self, and your higher self simultaneously. You could very well use your love and empathy in humanitarian or charitable means or may be an environmentalist. Spiritual fields that make use of your deep empathy and compassion could also be career and path choices for you.

If you have a strong heart chakra personality, you are a force of nature with a big spirit, higher awareness, great listening skills, and an affinity towards kindness, caring and compromise. Self- evolution is important to you.

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