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Mikao Usui - The Complete History of The Reiki Master

Mikao Usui

Dr Mikao Usui is credited as the founder of Reiki, and was born on 15th August, 1865. By elevating his understanding of Japanese meditative arts and healing, he eventually became a Reiki Master Healer. As a Reiki Master, he travelled all over the world in his pursuit for knowledge and to comprehend the inner purpose of life.

Dr Mikao Usui’s History

To gain spiritual enlightenment, Mikao Usui went to the holy mountain Kurama near Kyoto, and immersed himself in a deep form of meditation involving a fast of 21 days. His objective was to attain a spiritual awakening at the end of that duration, or else sacrifice his life trying. On the last day, as mentioned in the Mikao Usui Biography, he felt a unique sensation like lightning – it filled him with a renewed energy and helped him reach the enlightenment he had been searching for. Moreover, Master Mikao Usui also gained the immense power of healing individuals and communities.

It is interesting to note that up until this point "Reiki" as both a term and a practice were not yet known or in existence. Many cultures and individuals recognized the universal energy which flows through all life, and this life force was and still is known as great spirit, spirit, chi, prana or ki; however reiki specifically was introduced by Mikao Usui himself.

To share his knowledge and study of reiki, the Reiki Healing Master established a clinic in Tokyo that would promote the learning of Usui Reiki Ryoho healing system among student groups. Two profound and significant names to be aware of in the study and practice of Reiki are Dr Hayashi and Mrs Takata. Dr Hayashi was Dr Mikau Usui's first Reiki initiate and master teacher healer. Hayashi actually developed the Reiki system as passed down directly from Usui himself, by expanding the practice to include specific hand positions for being a channel for healing, and further redefining the attunement process. Mrs Takata was attuned directly from Dr Hayashi and can be seen as "the bridge" between Japan and America. She brought reiki home to the West after seeking healing herself and going onto learn. The Mikao Usui Reiki Training is now one of the most popular practices in reiki and has transformed the lives of many for the better.

The Mikao Usui 5 Reiki Principles

Among Mikao Usui Teachings, there are five major principles that reiki practitioners reflect on for clarity and enhanced intuition. While all five might be intimidating principles to live by at the initial stages, you can begin on the path to happiness and inner peace by following just one.

Principle 1 - Just for today I will not worry

Master Mikao Usui believed that worry results in unnecessary stress that later affects the spirit, mind and body negatively. To relieve any stress you may experience, it is best to see every difficulty and challenge that comes as an opportunity to gain new insights about your own resilience.

Principle 2 - Just for today I will not be angry

A way to master this principle as Mikao Usui Reiki intended, is by finding the triggers for your anger and having better control over the emotions that accompany it. Anger means that you are giving another person or a situation the power to affect you and have control over you. When you get better at harnessing positivity, you will never find yourself in such a situation again. Spend more time being grateful for the good things you have around you, and appreciate your place in the universe.

Principle 3 - Just for today I will do my work honestly

The key to happiness is giving your all to everything, whether it is your job or your personal life. Give the best possible performance at work and never entertain the possibility of holding back, and cheating others of your full potential. You should share your gifts freely and trust in the universe to bless your path.

Principle 4 - Just for today I will give thanks for my blessings

Take a moment to acknowledge the things that are going right in your life – a great way to do that is by playing Mikao Usui Reiki Music and meditating. Do not channel your energy to materialistic things and instead, focus on gaining things that money cannot bring.

Principle 5 - Just for today I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing

Among Mikao Usui Quotes, this particular principle is easy to internalize. Kindness is paid back to you in the future, as per Karmic law. Do good unto others and see how your life evolves for the better.

There are variations of the Reiki Principles but they always follow the same principles and guideline: to let go of worry, to let go of anger, to be grateful for your blessings, to do your work honestly and consciously, and to practice kindness to all sentient beings. The "just for today" is also highly significant as this implies and emphasizes that today is the only day, and in each new cycle the reiki principles should matter and be applied.

Dr Mikao Usui's Past: Before Reiki

Reiki Master Mikau Usui is also known as Dr Mikau Usui. This signifies his journey to enlightenment, which he received on Mount Kurama, and his subsequent 'status' since developing the practice. Reiki is an art yet it is also a health practice. It's benefits and wondrous effects are becoming increasingly more recognized and many established health organizations, hospices and hospitals are welcoming reiki to be shared alongside more Westernized and traditional forms of healthcare.

Before becoming a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher and devoting his life to the beautiful art and practice of Reiki, Mikau Usui studied in a Buddhist Monastery. He was born into a wealthy Buddhist family yet, despite the opportunities presented to him, chose a more simple and humble route. He learned about martial arts, swordsmanship and the Japanese art of Kiko; similar to Chi Kung. Usui also studied medicine, psychology and theology and it was desire to find a method of healing separate from religion and religious beliefs that led him to his journey and spiritual awakening on the mountain near his monastery. He spent his final days as a monk and priest in the Buddhist monastery and attuning others to the Usui Reiki system of natural healing.

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