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Raku Reiki Symbol - Your Complete Guide

What is the Raku Reiki Symbol?

There is a lot of misconception with the Raku Reiki Symbol. If you search for it on the internet, you may find various personal websites (i.e. non- established organizations) stating that Raku is also known as the Fire Dragon. This is not the case. There is a symbol named the Fire Dragon, however it is represented as a “T” (like time) with a spiral underneath joining from the bottom of the T- shape. The actual Fire Dragon symbol is used to activate and stimulate kundalini energy, and release trapped emotions and mental blocks relating to the kundalini, or whole self.

Raku is known as the Fire Serpent, and there are reasons for this.

This is all important to know when looking to the Raku Reiki Symbol. Raku is used primarily during a Reiki Attunement and helps ground one’s energy, the energy they receive during an attunement. The symbol is drawn from the head of the recipient to the ground or earth, enabling Reiki Energy to flow from Crown chakra to Root chakra. In this respect, Raku does have strong links and associations with kundalini, and this may further be why many people get confused and misinterpret it for the Fire Dragon.

Raku is known as the Fire Serpent

Raku Origins & History

The thing about looking to Reiki symbols and other ancient signs, shapes and symbols in esoteric & spiritual healing systems, is that everything works on a subtle level, i.e. the subtler planes and dimensions of consciousness and being. This means that many of the symbols, including Raku, have originated from the “unknown”- from spirit, the collective consciousness, the ether and the divine.

Those who are deeply attuned to both Reiki energy and the natural forces of the universe essentially channel higher frequencies, thought forms and tools for healing, with one of these “tools” being symbols. We are vessels, physical forms waiting to be filled with an energetic consciousness. People who work with subtle energy on a regular basis can connect to something above and beyond the physical realm, and this translates as many symbols being birthed through individuals.

The Raku Reiki Symbol is therefore unknown in terms of origins, however it is believed to have been birthed by a student of Mrs Takata herself (a direct student from Usui and one of the original Reiki Masters who went on to share Usui’s teachings and discoveries). Reiki Master Iris Ishikuro, incorporated Raku into her Reiki practices and over time this became integrated into the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing.

Raku Symbolism

Raku Reiki Symbol is like a lightning bolt, both physically in the way it appears and energetically. It represents lightning, a powerful force of nature having associations with healing, transformation and the sparking of great changes and internal shifts, and is therefore symbolic of the life force energy known as chi which runs down and up the spine, through your major chakras, and eventually to your Crown; the center for universal and cosmic consciousness. Raku can be seen as connecting one to the Heavens, or the higher planes and dimensions of being.

In addition to Raku’s connection to the upper realms and frequencies- where light and divine wisdom are strong- Raku also very powerful at working its magic on the physical planes. As briefly mentioned, Raku can help release trapped emotions and mental blocks relating to the kundalini. This means that it also works to alleviate old wounds, traumas and trapped pains manifesting as all sorts of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual illness and dis- ease. (Remember, disease is the body being at dis- ease with itself.)

Mental projections which are not in harmony with our best selves can get “stuck,” eventually, and over a longer period of time if not treated, becoming stored as stress and tension in the body. These harmful or self- destructive thought cycles can also negatively impact your emotions, and your spiritual well- being. In terms of Reiki and being open to subtle energy, mental blocks can cause many problems.

The same is true for emotions. If you have become weighed down from heavy emotions, due to past wounds or pains being repressed or pushed down, these emotional patterns will negatively impact your mental and spiritual well- being, and store in your body as stress. Furthermore, emotional issues left unhealed can often lead to problems in over- eating or eating food very bad for chi levels. This in turn can close you off to the healing power of Reiki and the spiritual awareness and abilities that come with this.

Raku as a symbol of a lightning bolt, therefore, gets to the root of these issues and helps alleviate problems stored on the deeper levels of being. Raku Reiki Symbol is deeply releasing, clearing, and restoring, and further almost catalytic.

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