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Your Complete Guide to Reiki Chakras

Chakras and Reiki

Chakras are energy portals, or energy wheels, relating to the main bodily organs. The term chakra is derived from ancient Sanskrit and is believed to be a centre for health, vitality and longevity. The concept of the chakra is closely linked to chi, the life force energy present within all living things. Just like in Reiki, a healthy flow of chi (universal life force energy) through your body’s chakra system opens you to new levels of insight, spiritual perception and awareness, and inner harmony. Health is the main word associated with a free flow of energy through each chakra.

In truth, there are believed to be many chakras however the ones worked with primarily are the 7 major chakras (as explored below). When there is a healthy flow of life force energy through all 7 chakras, your kundalini is awakened. Kundalini is the serpent- like energy responsible for vitality, longevity and spiritual awakening. It is also known in the Usui Reiki system.

Life Force and Kundalini

The main purpose of being aware of your chakras and seeking to heal and develop them is to activate your kundalini and live life in a state of health and inner balance. Reiki energy works with universal life force energy and chi, therefore it is very similar to the aim and intentions of the chakra system. In short, engaging in chakra healing or chakra therapy allows you to begin healing on the subtle planes and dimensions of being- on your subtle bodies.

Healing your chakras sparks healing on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual planes!

When you begin to heal your chakras you naturally open yourself up to reiki energy and chi, or the life force within. With this comes spiritual awareness, enhanced intuitive and psychic gifts, developed imagination and creativity, and increased vision, perception and communication.

Intro into the 7 Main Chakras

Root/ Muladhara

This is your base chakra related to the pelvic region and your reproductive organs. A healthy root chakra brings feelings of security, comfort, protection, grounding and trust, in addition to ancient wisdom and knowledge. The associated colors are red, brown and black and the element earth.

Sacral/ Swadhisthana

This is your sex centre, the enery portal relating to sexuality, emotions and creativity. A healthy sacral chakra brings feelings of emotional connection and stability, abundance, joy, pleasure, sensuality and well- being. The associated color is orange and the element water.

Solar Plexus/ Manipura

This is your self- empowerment centre. A healthy solar plexus brings feelings of self- worth, self- esteem, personal power and authority, vitality, confidence, self- control and purpose. Your life force and life/ soul purpose is also related to this chakra. The associated colors are yellow and gold and the element fire.

Heart/ Anahata

The heart is your centre, the energy portal connecting lower and higher self. It can be seen as a bridge between your earthly human vessel and your divine higher consciousness. A healthy heart chakra brings feelings of love, joy, inner peace, happiness, harmony, family and friendship, romance, empathy and compassion. The associated color is green and the element air.

Throat/ Vishuddha

This is your communication centre with strong links to sound, self- expression and the imagination. A healthy throat chakra brings feelings of the ability to speak your truth, emotional clarity and harmony, personal power and expression. The associated colors are light, dark and royal blue and the elements ether and air.

Third- Eye/ Ajna

This is your centre for intuition relating to psychic and clairvoyant abilities, and the gift of sight. A healthy and strong third- eye chakra allows you to see the big picture, possess vision, and develop perception, imagination, wisdom, higher awareness, spiritual perception, and a link to the subconscious. The associated color is purple and the element ether, or light.

Crown/ Sahasrara

This is the last of the 7 main chakras and your seat of cosmic consciousness. A healthy and open crown chakra gives you access to a higher consciousness and spiritual awareness. Associated qualities include a connection to inner beauty, grace, selflessness and humility, and compassion, unconditional love and empathy. The associated colors are white, violet and gold and the element ether/ light.

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