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Reiki For Animals

Reiki is an established practice that has been used for millennia to help bring about healing. Reiki has been used to help people manage physical and mental health problems, ranging from anxiety and depression to chronic pain or digestive issues.

What many people don’t know is that reiki can be just as effective for helping to treat animals. Reiki has been used to help bring about positive changes in horses, cats, dogs, and other creatures. In this article, we’ll focus on how reiki has been successfully used to help animals.

How Does Reiki Work in Animals?

Reiki operates on an energetic level. It helps to eliminate blockages or stop flooding of energy in certain areas of the body.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the direction and veins through which energy flow in the human body have been extensively mapped. These same energy meridians flow through all living creatures, and a good reiki practitioner can identify where these blockages are just by using their own energy.

One of the most established branches of animal-based reiki is equine (horse) reiki. Equine reiki practitioners are able to identify imbalances in the energy system of the horse and they can use their own energy, or call upon energy from the universe, to help correct these imbalances.

Horses are particularly intelligent and empathetic creatures, which makes them ideal for reiki treatment. They are usually able to comprehend and acknowledge a healer’s intentions, and can give their consent for treatment quite easily.

Benefits of Reiki for Animals

There are a lot of different ways that reiki can benefit your animal friends. Reiki is generally recognized as being a safe healing modality, and any good practitioner will know how to properly direct their energy so as to avoid harming any creatures that they are healing.

These are some of the benefits that reiki can provide for horses and other animals:

  • Reiki can help heal animals who are traumatized or who have been subject to abuse. Much like humans, animals carry these traumatic wounds with them throughout life. This can impair their behaviour and mental health. Reiki practitioners can find these wounds and heal them.

  • Reiki can help to reduce anxiety and depression in animals, helping them to perform better and feel more comfortable with themselves.

  • Reiki works well to help prevent or manage physical ailments and injuries. Reiki can be used to help power up an animal’s own innate healing abilities, speeding up recovery time from illnesses.

Reiki works particularly well when it’s combined in conjunction with traditional veterinary care. Having a qualified animal care doctor and a reiki practitioner working together is one of the best ways to bring about good health in a sick or injured animal.


Reiki can be just as useful for helping to treat animals as it can be for humans. A good reiki practitioner will know how to help horses and other creatures heal from injuries, physical health problems, and mental issues.

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