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Reiki Seichem - Your Complete Guide

What is Reiki Seichem

Reiki Seichem, or Seichem Healing, is essentially an expanded version of Reiki. It is an advanced healing modality working on the higher frequencies and planes of being and with higher vibrations just like Reiki, however the difference is that Reiki Seichem expands to incorporate all four elements.

In Reiki Seichem, Earth (Reiki), Water (Sophi-el), Fire (Sakara) and Air (Angel light) are all channeled and access for a more profound healing experience. It is important to know that when Reiki is equated with the earth element, it does not actually mean that Reiki does not involve or connect to other elements.

Reiki can still be used- and is used- to heal blockages and imbalances on a mental level (air), emotional level (water), and spiritual level (fire). (And of course physical- earth.) The only reference made here and specifically in the Seichem system of healing is that Reiki energy is connected to the earth element in relation to Mother Earth; the earth as a living and conscious entity. Reiki energy is also channeled through our hands, specifically our palm chakras, and comes from the earth itself.

So, in Reiki Seichem the other elements are expressed as different qualities, providing a more encompassing experience. Let’s explore these now.

“Sakara,” “Sophi-el,” and “Angel Light”

As briefly established, in Reiki one is attuned to the earth element. This is usually felt as hot or cold, and herein lies the main clue to the difference between Reiki and Seichem. Whereas Reiki can be felt, by both the recipient of the energy and practitioner/ channel, as either hot or cold sensations, Seichem feels more like a sparkle. This is because one is attuned to all four elements in Reiki Seichem.

Sakara is connected to the element of fire and is deeply transformational in nature. Sakara is known to work on the aura and many people who experience Seichem Healing report feeling, and seeing, a rainbow light spectrum around them, or a rainbow “color.” Sakara is fierce and powerful (like the Goddess Sekhmet explored below) and can burst through any deep or major blocks; on any of the levels. Furthermore, Sakara can assist in auric healing and healing of the astral, etheric and spiritual bodies. Chi can be channeled more effectively in Reiki Seichem and this is one of the main reasons why Seichem is known to be such a powerful healing energy, because it is especially effective for pranic, chakra and/or meridian healing.

Sakara is experienced as a hot and tingling sensation, or often as a mild electrical current, and is seen for those with an open third eye chakra as a rainbow light or golden, diamond or silver fiery color.

Sophi-el is the water element and is strong and subtle, yet gentle. Sophi-el is channeled in Seichem Healing to get to the root of any emotional issues and blockages. It reaches deep within the emotional body and can be felt as a gentle wave or coolness. Many people who experience emotional healing through Seichem report seeing swirls of imagery or visuals activating their third eye or psychic abilities, and this is due to the water element’s intrinsic link with spiritual, psychic and subtle- intuitive awareness and sight.

There is a spiritual link with Sophi-el, and further due to the intrinsic emotional connection and aspect this energy promotes sexual healing. Issues in creative blocks, intimacy and sexual memories from past relationships, and any and all emotional imbalances can be addressed with Sophi-el in Seichem.

Sophi-el reaches deep into the core of one’s being and, in addition to emotional healing, can activate the subconscious mind and subconscious influences, and the seat of psychic, intuitive and evolved levels of conscious awareness.

Finally, Angel Light is the name used for the air element in Seichem. Angel light is literally as the name implies, it creates a cord and connection to the angelic realm and divine or unseen assistance. People who receive Seichem Healing often say that the feel a gentle, loving and silent yet powerful presence, which is felt and physically experienced as a gentle- like cool breeze or wind; yet they simultaneously feel the presence of some benevolent spirit or entity. Simultaneously, on a very physical and grounded level Angel Light is linked to the quality of communication, and all aspects of communication can be improved and enhanced through Reiki Seichem. Blocks in the throat chakra or self- expression in general can be overcome, and the ability to express oneself emotionally and empathically can also be activated/ healed.

Angel Light as the air element is believed to connect one to the Ascended Masters and angelic realm.

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