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The Essence & History of Reiki Seichem

The Essence of Reiki Seichem

Seichem Healing is like Reiki however it goes a step further (supposedly). Seichem Reiki connects the receiver to their higher self, the higher aspect of mind and consciousness. This is done to establish healing on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual planes, however it can also lead to healing and profound experiences or revelations on the astral and etheric planes of being.

Because Seichem energy is such an ancient, powerful and elemental energy in that it connects to all of the elements, channeling Seichem can be highly catalytic and transformational.

Seichem can remove blocks and open clear channels for new and harmonious thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions. Innovative, intuitive and creative original thought can arise and emotions which contribute to a healthy mindset and harmonious inner spirit can too manifest.

Physical ailments can be healed due to the stimulation of the body’s self- healing mechanisms, and Seichem energy can further “activate” hidden ancient memories or aspects of consciousness and self, due the connection Reiki Seichem has to past- lives and the soul. A Reiki Seichem or Seichem Healing session can bring deep feelings of love, wholeness and a sense of inner peace with both self and the world around.

Furthermore, fresh and new perspectives can be birthed with Seichem Healing, and you may also be attuned to your true self. In other words, self- alignment can come which helps connect you to who you truly are, at your core and on the deepest of soul levels.

Finally, there may be a strong sense of awakening and “going home,” as if you are waking up to some hidden or unconsciously repressed or neglected aspect of self. Seichem, therefore, provides the courage, wisdom and shifts/ transformational energy you already hold within.

Links to Sekhmet, the Egyptian Lion- Headed Goddess?

Some people suggest that Reiki Seichem has links to the ancient Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. Sekhmet is seen as a guardian, fierce protector, and symbol of strength.

In esoteric and metaphysical self- development systems such as Tarot, the card for “Strength” is symbolized by a woman gently stroking a lion. Although lions are known for their ferociousness the woman has “tamed” the wild beast and is shown to be giving love and care with her calming, strong and centered, and loving energy. This is very symbolic in relation to Seichem Healing and the possible connection to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet.

Lions symbolize raw passion, primal urges, our inner animal instincts, courage and power.

They are also a symbol of strength, wisdom and ancient royalty. The Goddess Sekhmet herself is believed to be a Goddess of regeneration and healing, so this in itself supports the perspective of Seichem being connected to her. Sekhmet’s link to the Healing Arts and the similarity in names, suggests that looking to the associations of this ancient Egyptian Goddess may help one understand Seichem better, or at least provide an additional realm of insight!

History & Origins

Reiki Seichem is often known as “Egyptian Reiki” and has been developed from the original practices of Patrick Zeigler. In 1980, P. Zeigler had a powerful experience inside the Great Pyramid of Giza after apparently “sneaking in.” After spending the night in the Great Pyramid- also notably one the major sacred sites on our planet known for a deeply transformational energy- he naturally received a very powerful energetic upgrade. Not long after he was trained by an original Sufi Master in Khartoum, and further went on to learn and study Reiki in the States.

Thus, Seichem Healing was birthed as a combination of the Pyramid experience, the Sufi attunements and empowerments, and Reiki. The name “Seichem” was given directly by spirit and channeled by Patrick Zeigler’s close friend.

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