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Root Chakra - Your Complete Guide

What is the Root Chakra?

Your root chakra is your first chakra, also known as the base chakra or your muladhara. It relates to security, trust, groundedness and comfort in the physical world, and your own body. Physically, it corresponds with your reproductive organs and pelvic region. A strong root chakra initiates kundalini, the serpent- like life force energy responsible for health and longevity. But an active (or activated) kundalini also aids in creativity and creative power and expression, and this helps in all aspects of life.

Your root chakra is the first major chakra and therefore it’s health is highly significant. A free flow of energy through your root chakra means a freer flow of energy through your other chakras. Your root is intrinsically linked to your crown chakra, the final and 7th main chakra located at the top of your head. And this is why it is so important to have an open and balanced root chakra; life force energy starts at the root (the base) and makes its way to your crown. This is the source of spiritual awareness and realization.

Root Chakra

Root Chakra and Reiki

So, Reiki healing can be used to remove blockages and imbalances in your root chakra. This increases the qualities mentioned above. Reiki healing on the root chakra is particularly effective for anyone struggling with feelings of being ungrounded and feelings or distrust, specifically with the world around. A strong root chakra makes you secure within your own body and the physical environments you find yourself in. It also brings ancient wisdom and knowledge.

The associated colors are red, brown and black and the element earth. People with a weak root chakra tend to be disconnected from their body. They may also be too watery, airy or fiery with little appreciation or affiliation for Mother Earth. It is the natural world, our planet and the environment which sustain us and give us life, further reminding us of our intrinsic connection to nature. A healthy root chakra reminds us of this connection.

“The Root Chakra Personality”

If you resonate with the root chakra and the color red and earth element, you will display the following. Being aware of this can also help you to understand the healing qualities and associations of the root chakra, even if you don’t feel strongly connected to it.

If you are of a root chakra personality you are strong- willed, grounded and driven by security and comfort. You value material success and abundance and may find yourself being highly ambitious, and further driven by the ideas of worldly success and achievements in the physical world. You may have a close connection to family and also be deeply sexual. Primality and your inner animal are not alien to you, nor is disconnection from the world around or your body. You are sensual, sexual, instinctual and materially motivated, by nature.

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