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Third Eye Crown Chakra - Your Complete Guide

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye chakra is also known as the Ajna chakra and is your seat of vision. Intuition, psychic awareness, spiritual perception and insight, self- awareness and the imagination all come under the third eye’s. All of these can be enhanced with reiki on the third eye chakra and a lack of these can equally result in a blocked or weak third eye chakra.

This energy centre is the point of all perception, and this includes the awareness of duality. You can transcend duality through developing and energizing your third eye, as it is here where the personal “I” reality can be balanced and integrated into a higher consciousness. Foresight, a connection to your higher self and mind, precognitive vision, access to dream states, transcendental awareness… they all link to this chakra.

The associated colors are indigo and certain shades of purple, and the element is light or ether. People who have a strong third eye chakra are often deeply imaginative and intuitive, further being able to perceive subtle energy. This can include see auras, accessing the subconscious through dream states, and being receptive to people’s hidden motivation’s thoughts and feelings; like empaths.

The third eye chakra literally means command centre in ancient Sanskrit, and this provides wisdom in itself. Through energizing and strengthening your third eye you can take control of your life and own destiny, and perceive reality and all of its experiences in a way which connects, unified and balances. Unity (unity consciousness) is a key theme with the third eye.

Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra and Reiki

The third eye chakra can be healed, restored and balanced through reiki healing. People with a weak third eye tend to see life from a disconnected and distorted way. There may be blocks in perceptions and spiritual awareness, and intuition will be lacking. Due to its connection with the heart chakra, developing your third eye will allow you to open your heart and raise your inner vibration. Empathy, compassion, self- love and universal love are linked to the seat of sight and vision.

Furthermore, because it is located next to your throat and crown chakras, sending reiki healing to this area naturally heals, energizes and removes blockages from your throat and crown. Many people report experiencing tingling sensations and even seeing visions when they have received reiki on the third eye. You may see swirls of color, get “sparks” in consciousness or intuition, and be sent visuals and profound imagery through the ether an astral realm. Remember that your third eye is a gateway to a higher consciousness… Subtle perception means that your link to the divine becomes activated, and all of the extrasensory and psychic gifts & abilities come with it.

“The Third Eye Chakra Personality”

If you resonate with the third eye or ajna chakra, you will be deeply philosophical, perceptive, wise and self- aware. You are profoundly in touch with your intuition, yout guiding light providing wisdom and higher guidance. You may also be incredibly imaginative and often meditate or channel to connect to some higher, universal archetypes and thought forms. You are connected to your dreams; you astral travel, astral project and lucid dream.

You could very well be a spiritual healer or psychic! Even from a young age, you were in tune with the spiritual realms and subtle elements of life and perception… Introversion and spending sufficient time alone to study, read or soul- search was not uncommon. Even to this day, nature and metaphysics fascinates you and those who are close to you know they can come to you for sage wisdom, sound advice and gifts of knowledge and key insight.

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